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Tel: 01387 248609
Dumfries Villa
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Terms and Conditions of bookings

Cancellation Policy
When we have confirmed your booking, it means that all other enquiries, for the night(s) you have booked, will be turned away.

In return we ask for a full 48 hours cancellaton notice from your expected time of arrival.

If you fail to provide us with 48 hours cancelation notice from your expected time of arrival we will charge your credit card for the first night(s) accommodation. However, there will be no charge if we manage to re-let the room(s).

Please click here for terms when you have made a block booking of all our rooms.

Smoking (or not; as the case is!!)
In accordance with Scottish law, the Dumfries Villa is strictly non-smoking. 

You are welcome to smoke in the garden to the front, but please put cigarette ends and packets in the tub provided.

Anyone found to be smoking in the house will be asked to settle their bill and leave; a £100 charge will be incurred to cover the costs of the extra cleaning; any damage to carpets, bedding etc will be charged accordingly.  

The Dumfries Villa is a ‘Category B’ listed building, which means that we have tight restrictions on any alterations to its structure. The main doors are original (around 1860) and we are not allowed to replace them, for your own security and for the safety of our family and property, please ensure that these doors are securely shut behind you.  If you allow the doors just to freely swing shut, they will not catch on the lock and the house is left open.

The Dumfries Villa car park can hold an average of 5 cars, more if groups are prepared to ‘double park’.  Please park considerately.  Parking is purely on a first come first served basis.   If you do need to park on the road, please ask us for a parking disc as the Traffic Wardens are keen to exercise their authority.

Please familiarise yourselves with the fire notices located near your bedroom door, or by the signing in desk.  There will be a weekly test of the fire alarm system on Friday at around 11am, we will endeavour to remind any guests remaining in the house of this.

All smoke alarms are mains supplied and interlinked, which means that everyone in the house will know immediately of any smoke or fire in the house.

The radiators in your room and en-suite are fitted with thermostats, please adjust them accordingly.  Unless the weather is particularly cold the heating goes ‘off’ between the hours of 0930-1400 to enable our cleaners to work comfortably, and from midnight to 0630. If you require a portable heater during that time please ask and we will be happy to arrange one for you.  Hot water bottles are available on request.

Early morning alarm calls
Early morning alarm calls can be arranged if you have a mobile phone. Radio alarm clocks are situated in each room but the guests are responsible for resetting them to their individual needs. 

Room Cleaning
Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis between the hours of 1000 – 1230; if you prefer to remain in your room between those times please advise us at breakfast time or let the cleaner know when she knocks on your door.  If you prefer not to be disturbed we would appreciate it if you could leave your used waste bags outside your room for collection; a clean one will be made available to you and our cleaners will be happy to provide you with a top-up of items for your hospitality tray. 

Sheets are changed generally on day 3 or 4 of your stay unless soiled. Please advise us of any wishes different to this.

If you are staying for more than one night and you would like your towels replacing please leave your used ones either in the shower tray or the wash-hand basin.  Towels hung on the towel rails tell us that you are conscious of the environment and that you are happy to re-use them.

We anticipate ‘fair wear and tear’ within the guest house. Please inform us of any damages/breakages ASAP and we will be more than reasonable.  Breakages/damages not reported prior to departure, may be charged to your credit card accordingly.

Breakfast times         Mon-Fri                                  0745 – 0830
                                    Weekend/Bank holidays  0830 – 0915

If you require a particularly early start, cereal, yoghurts, fruit juice & fresh fruit will be available for self-service; in such cases we would appreciate you settling your account on the previous evening.

Menus are provided in your room, please fill in accordingly.  We have found that the ‘menu system’ enables us to have your breakfast freshly prepared without any unnecessary delay to you.  If you do change your mind after your menu has been submitted, that is not a problem; it may just take a few minutes longer! 

You will probably have secured your booking by credit card: no payment will have been taken from your card.  Payment can be either with cash, credit card or personal cheque; business users may have made other arrangements. Written receipts are available via any method of payment.

Check-out time on your day of departure is by 10am unless prior arrangement is made.  Keys are to be left on departure, if you accidentally take keys with you please contact us ASAP and return the keys by post.  If you lose the keys or fail to return them you will be charged for the change of the front door lock and approximately £25 for the cutting of an entire set of new keys.And finally; we really hope that you enjoy your stay!

If you encounter any areas in which you feel that we can provide our valued guests with a better service we would value your comments either during your stay or following your departure (anonymously if preferred).